Plastic, Steel& Ceramic

Filtration media for mechanical, biological and chemical plants and towers.

The Industry Applications

Our particular focus is to supply the petrochemical and mining industries in South Africa.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

Our products allow corporations to be environmentally responsible and protect the environment.

Forming part of the PIMMS Group, PALLCHEM specialises in the manufacture and supply of plastic, steel and ceramic filtration media for mechanical, biological and chemical plants and towers.

Plastic Pall Ring

Plastic Beta Rings are preferable to pall rings an saddles particularly for applications where low-pressure-drop and high-liquid-handling capacity is vital.

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Plastic Super Saddle

Plastic Super Saddles are preferable to ceramic and metal because they are suitable for corrosive applications with low to moderate temperatures and are less costly.

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Metal Pall Ring

Metal Pall Rings are preferable to Raschig Rings due to their high liquid and gas transfer rates. The high-temperature resistance advantage makes them an excellent choice to PALLCHEM Plastic Pall Rings.

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Ceramic Saddle

Ceramic Saddles are preferable to plastic or metal saddles due to their acid-resistance advantage, higher surface area and high-temperature resistance.

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