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7Twenty Degrees is an innovative, design and production driven company that designs and manufactures customized products.

We use innovative and unique skill-sets to stand out from our competitors. We employ a dedicated industrial design team to bring the best possible solution to our customers.

We believe nothing is impossible and everything is achievable. We have the right people behind us and stay customer-focussed.

In doing so, we have sustainable, innovative products that are one step ahead and are easy to use.

We provide a service which focuses on our customer's challenges and needs. We create solutions and products that easily overcome them. By doing that we come up with innovative products, that are made with passion, quality and integrity.

7Twenty Degrees supplies a comprehensive portfolio of its own products which is primarily for the fibre optic industry amongst other state-of-the-art-products.


Our Team


Stephen Stanley
+ 27 83 280 1822
[email protected]

Patrick van Heerden
+ 27 82 325 0440
[email protected]

The Design Team
[email protected]

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