Ceramic Saddle

PALLCHEM Ceramic Saddles are preferable to plastic or metal saddles due to their acid-resistance advantage, higher surface area and high-temperature resistance.

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Ceramic Saddles’ smooth, large surface area provide a lower-pressure drop. Their simple form reduces the cost of manufacturing.


  • Chemical-processing plants and petrochemical industries

  • Acid and metallurgical plants

  • Pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and metallurgical plants

Unique Features

  • High-temperature resistance

  • Acid resistance in organic and inorganic acid, except Hydrofluoric acid

  • Suitable for low-pressure-drop, high-capacity applications

  • Outstanding performance and stability in acid and other chemical corrosion conditions

  • Smooth surface promotes chemical reaction

  • Large surface area: volume ratio augments the rate of liquid-film-surface renewal to improve mass transfer

  • Low rate of water absorption and stable

    chemical features