Plastic Saddle

PALLCHEMPlastic Super Saddles are preferable to ceramic and metal because they are suitable for corrosive applications with low to moderate temperatures and are less costly.
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Plastic Super Saddles are suitable for deep-pack beds and enable a high flooding point because of their inter-locking capabilities. They are less sensitive to liquid distribution quality and have a high mass transfer efficiency.


  • Packing Towers in the mining, petroleum, chemical

    and other industries

  • Pulp and paper industry such as bleach plant absorbers

  • Environmental Protection Facilities

Unique Features

  • Suitable for a low pressure drop system

  • Suitable for deep-pack beds

  • High free volume passages, independent of orientation

  • High mass transfer efficiency

  • Promotes highly efficient two-phase contact and distribution

  • Higher liquid hold-up which promotes high absorption efficiencies and high resistance time

  • Uninterrupted and consistent passages for gas and liquid flow

  • Inter-locking capabilities

  • Less sensitive to liquid distribution quality

  • Mechanically robust